• Erin's Dance/Cattle in the Cane3:17
  • Star Above the Garter/Scatter the Mud3:57
  • Glen Echo/Coffee3:28
  • Done Gone/Spring Swing3:11
  • Tacoma Waltz1:46
  • Swallowtail Jig/ coleraine3:34
  • Flying Home to Shelly/Quary Cross3:37
  • Cataract Falls/The Phone Call3:18
  • Coon Stew/Beth Cohen's3:16
  • The Banks O'Don/Little Brown Island in the Sea2:55
  • Fleur de Mandragore/The Gale3:12
  • Catharsis/Stop Press3:17

Lew and June

Lew Gelfond Music